Mark Turner Productions

Mark Turner

Production Director, Writer & DJ for 2 Decades


Over 20 years of broadcast experience from New York to Ohio as an On-Air Personality and Commercial Copy Writer and Production/Continuity Director.

Creator of commercial campaigns, from idea to implementation.

Writer/Producer of radio commercials for 15 years.
Voices ads and promos with a wide range of deliveries, from up-beat, hard-sell to authoritative, emotional soft-sell.

Directs talent and clients on voice acting of radio commercials. Assigns talent to voice specific commercials.

**Knows how to market to specific age demographics.**

Worked closely with clients and sales staff as I wrote and produced all of the local ads while doing two air-shifts. 

A wizard with audio effects and sound sweetening. 

Helped with website ads, made artwork for commercial campaigns, produced commercial video on website.

At the Marion Star, I designed full-page ads for the paper. 
Worked for newspaper as rough layout artist. 

2011-Ran cameras and audio/visual switcher for TV22’s The Exchange with Scott Spears, Charlie Evers and Fritz the Night Owl.    


Sony Vegas Non-linear Video Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition Audio Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Profit NextGen Radio Automation System, Microsoft Office 2010, Word, Excel, Power Point.  I am a digital guru at both audio and visual effects.  Working with Adobe Photoshop, I can transfer files to Sony Vegas and make my own traveling matts, etc.       


2000 to 2010 WMRN AM-FM, Majic 95.9, 94.3 WDIF Clear Channel, Marion Ohio.

Commercial Production Director, writer/producer of all in-house commercial and imaging content. DJ of two radio shows during my full-time production duties.

1999 - 2000 WRRV- NEW ROCK ALTERNATIVE Middletown New York. Commercial Production Director

1998 - 1999 WNCO Ashland Ohio. Commercial Production Assistant.

1989 - 1998 WMRN AM-FM Part-Time/Full-Time on-air, Commercial Production

1989 - 1990 Marion Star News Paper - Rough Layout Artist of Commercial Ads.

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